Deep knowledge + close
relationships = ambitious results

83% of Buy-Side Clients Issued a Term Sheet or IOI (Indication of Interest) With a Prospect Generated by Kinsella Group

Our global relationships within the industry allow us to go beyond letters and phone calls. Deep MedTech knowledge generates accurate assessments of value, and have allowed us to successfully close dozens of transactions. Below are a few highlights.

Case Studies

Company Segment Services Provided
Complex Surgical Instruments Sale Read More
Coatings, Implants Acquisition Search Read More
Cases and Trays Sale Read More
Guidewires, Pins, Surface Treatments Acquisition Search, Sale Read More
Implants, Instruments Sale Read More
Instruments Acquisition Search Read More
Specialty Medical Devices Acquisition Search Read More
Healthcare Software Sale Read More
Instruments, Spinal Implants Sale Read More
Aerospace, Defense, Semi-conductor Sale Read More
Complex Systems for Life Sciences Acquisition Search Read More
Instruments, Spinal Implants Sale Read More
Extremeties Sale Read More
MIS Components Acquisition Search Read More
Orthopedics, Surgical Instrumentation Acquisition Search, Sale Read More
Orthopedics Acquisition Search Read More