We help CEOs scale their MedTech businesses.

Is your company poised and ready to scale? Our approach to MedTech mergers and acquisitions can get you there, discreetly, successfully, and with exceptional personal attention.


We help CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Portfolio Firms, Private Family Owners, and Strategic Buyers in North America, Europe, and Japan achieve their MedTech growth vision.

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  • “We get in front of people to tell stories to determine the fit between our client and a prospect. Our job is to sell the attributes of our buy-side clients to best fit prospects…who often are not for sale. We are good at this. Research, dogged pursuit and rapport-building are critical to our success for our buy-side clients.”

    Bob Kinsella, President

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  • “We ask lots of questions and assume nothing. The understanding we gain ensures that our search is efficient and includes the types of target companies that our client will consider appealing. We find that the discussion around our client’s needs leads to new insights; these insights sometimes take us in directions that our client did not originally consider.”

    Curt Jennewine, Managing Director

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  • “Our goal is to bring together businesses that work better with each other than apart.  Given our expertise and experience in M&A and executive leadership, we are able to identify capabilities, talent and financial benefits that add tremendous value to an enhanced enterprise.”

    Daniel Greene, Managing Director

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