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Kinsella Group After Hours: Scaling your MedTech Business

Kinsella Group After Hours Event: Scaling your MedTech Business with Growth Capital

Matching our capital-seeking clients with the best growth capital providers for their needs is an area where Kinsella Group excels.  Chicago’s historic Wheeler Mansion provided a fitting backdrop for Kinsella Group’s recent After Hours event at AAOS.   Over 40 attendees joined us for a fun evening for socializing, networking, and learning about Growth Capital.  Three outstanding panelists shared their insights into how they invest and deploy growth capital:

A number of key themes emerged through the discussion, including:

  • How different investors define growth capital differently
  • How this definition drives the choice of companies in which a growth capital investor invests
  • How growth capital can be effectively deployed to increase the value of a business


Comparing and contrasting the investment strategies of Linden Capital Partners and RC Capital brought to light that growth capital providers operate on a spectrum – some are more VC-like, willing to place smaller bets on earlier-stage companies with higher risk profiles, while others seek later-stage companies with lower risk profiles.  What was in common, however, is that institutional investors seek opportunities where they can add value to the portfolio company’s management and operations and where the deployment of the capital provides a clear path toward growth and increased valuation.

Appropriate deployment of growth capital depends on where a company is in its growth cycle – a company may have shown success in one geographical area and now needs funding to expand the business into a larger geographical area; funding could be needed to invest in a larger sales and marketing infrastructure for a new, high-value product opportunity; funding could also be needed to secure new customers or enter a new customer segment – numerous opportunities exist for using capital to drive growth.  Importantly, both investors mentioned that investors and portfolio companies should stay flexible — recognizing when investment strategy should change in order to best exploit a changing business environment.

Kinsella Group is well versed on the pairing growth capital and medtech organizations. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your specific situation and how we may be able to support you.

For a full recounting of the event’s insights, we invite you to watch the video of our event.  Please click here.