Welcome to The Kinsella Report for Medical Contract Manufacturing

This powerful tool allows senior management to benchmark your organization’s performance against others in the medical contract manufacturing industry.

In order to minimize your time commitment, the survey is segmented into three key areas and is designed to capture key performance metrics without the need to disclose your company’s proprietary financial or operating information.

All information is compiled by a third party and kept strictly confidential; only those who participate will receive the completed report.

Thank you for participating in The Kinsella Report and wishing you all the best,
Robert Kinsella

“I am so happy Kinsella Group has initiated this survey. I believe it will be a valuable benchmarking tool for our organization and I expect any organization that participates.”

-Managing Director – European/ US Medtech Company

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The Kinsella Report – Survey

  • July, 2021

    Part A - General Operating Data

    Approximately 15 minutes to complete
  • August, 2021

    Part B – Financial Data and Ratios

    Approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • September, 2021

    Part C – Economic Outlook

    Approximately 10 minutes to complete