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Not that one but this one…

Portfolio Company of a private equity firm focused in the MedTech space had spent two years culling an outside consultants list of 200 prospects for acquisition. Having no success, the CEO of the portfolio company identified 14 prospects of particular interest and engaged Kinsella Group in a retained buy-side search assignment to help scale their MedTech business. Kinsella Group visited all but one of the 14 prospects, noted that only two actually met the acquisition criteria set for the project and instead recommended a division of a large public company that was not a strategic fit for its owner.

Discussions ensued and a deal closed in a private, non-process, non-auction sale to our buy-side client.

The acquisition allowed the Private Equity fund owner to reach its revenue and profit threshold for an exit, which it subsequently made. Kinsella Group was engaged by the new owners to continue the identification of non-auction prospects to foster continued growth.

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