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It isn’t over until it’s over.

The process of selling a MedTech company is often a windy road that requires flexibility, creativity, and tenacity. This recent example of a MedTech sell-side client exemplifies our approach and partnership to find the best value for our clients.

A MedTech seller engaged Kinsella Group to sell its business through an auction process. The results of the process were unsatisfactory to the client. After some consideration, the seller asked Kinsella Group to find buyers for the MedTech business as well as a second industrial business owned by the same seller. Kinsella Group selectively vetted the most-likely prospects and arranged one-off meetings as opposed to an auction process to close the sale of both companies. The final buyer had not been among the bidders in the initial auction process.

Kinsella Group believes it can most often deliver substantial value with the least disruption to the business operations using a selective vetting methodology as opposed to a broad auction process.

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