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Going the Extra 1,349 Miles

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Whether by airliner, corporate jet or single-engine Cirrus, we do what we have to do to get in front of prospects for our buy-side clients. We have flown cross-country without a confirmed appointment to get access to a highly valued prospect for a client. In this case, the prospect agreed to meet us the following day at a west coast trade show to discuss a transaction. This occurred after numerous unsuccessful attempts by the client and its financial backer to gain access to the prospect.

In another case, we used our Cirrus aircraft to get to a small city and then, to conserve time, took a corporate jet to visit a plant not otherwise easily accessed. The plant visit was a success and was an important step that led to a closed transaction for our buy-side client.

From time to time, we have found the best way to access prospects in smaller communities is to fly our Cirrus aircraft to out-of-the-way airports near prospects, combining two or three visits into one trip. We avoid the airlines, TSA and many times the need for rental cars as prospects are happy to pick us up at a small local airport close to the their plant. A recent trip led to an LOI for a company initially not in a process and discussion with a fast-growing highly technical business which developed into a solid prospect for our client.

Making the effort to get in front of prospects—no matter where they are—has made the difference in creating opportunities for clients with prospects who are not for sale. Ninety percent of our closed buy-side transactions have been with companies not in an active sale process.
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