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Avoiding Culture Shock

International MedTech organizations are shifting their focus regionally within a global context.

International MedTech organizations are facing a multitude of economic and geopolitical challenges. To adapt, grow, and innovate many are shifting their focus regionally within a global context.

Over the past decade, MedTech organizations have steadily embraced global expansion and successfully competed on the world stage.  Today, MedTech leaders are facing continued supply chain turbulence, high inflation, unease in capital markets, and escalating transportation costs which has necessitated a strategic shift in market development – to grow regionally within their global markets.

To locate regional growth opportunities within international markets, we have found success by having a presence in the region, developed by building relationships, and made successful by understanding the region’s consumer and business behaviors and nuances. Kinsella Group enjoys a European presence based in Manchester, England and an Asian presence based in Japan.

We understand international deal-making because we do it regularly. We have helped European and Asian acquirers build their portfolio companies domestically and in Europe and Asia.  Understanding the cultural barriers and different consumer and stakeholder requirements ensures alignment and successful execution.

Kinsella Group brings the skills and relationships necessary to develop your global footprint regionally and compete in this new era of growth and innovation. If you are considering international or regional international expansion, please reach out to discuss your aspirations.

Kinsella Group is helping International MedTech organizations shift their focus regionally within a global context.  Please reach out to discuss your business strategy.

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