Business Sales/Recapitalizations

Kinsella Group’s “buyer’s eyes” allow us to position sellers for the best outcomes. We have a long history of representing financial and strategic acquirers, and understand that different buyers may have vastly different perspectives and notions of value when looking at a business. Taking these varied perspectives enables us to achieve the best possible terms, strategic fit and cultural match between buyer and seller—and to drive optimum value for our clients.

Pre-Sale Enterprise Consulting

  • Gather and analyze client data.
  • Make recommendations to reduce expenses, increase profits and generate cash in order to maximize value and enhance sale opportunities in the marketplace.

Prepare Offering Memorandum

  • Create comprehensive document to fully justify price sought under specified terms.
  • Define business purpose, strategy, products, services, competition, technology and management.
  • Generate historical and projected financials.

Communication with prospective Buyers

  • Financial buyers
  • Strategic buyers
  • Consolidators
  • Asian and European buyers

Obtain Proposals

  • Evaluate proposals.
  • Negotiate to achieve optimum terms among competing offers.

Consummate Trasaction

  • Finalize terms.
  • Work with counsel to draft definitive transaction document.
  • Coordinate due diligence.
  • Close transaction.

Acquisition Search

U.S. and international clients achieve strategic, predictable growth through acquisitions in North America by focusing on well-defined goals and time-phased objectives.

Clarify Strategy

Kinsella Group and the client meet to review and refine strategy, acquisition parameters and objectives.

Identify Suspects

  • Identify public and private suspects.
  • In fragmented industries, suspects may number in excess of 250.
  • In concentrated industries, suspects may number fewer than 50.

Select Prospects

  • Identify solid prospects from list of suspects.
  • Conduct detailed review of prospects with client.
  • In fragmented industries, prospects may number between 50 and 100.
  • In concentrated industries, prospects may number fewer than 20.

Contact Prospects

  • Contact and visit prospects to determine fit, issues and opportunities.
  • In fragmented industries, conduct 10 to 12 onsite visits with Trip Reports.
  • In concentrated industries, conduct 5 to 7 onsite visits with Trip Reports.

Negotiate & Close

  • Negotiate transaction.
  • Develop deal term sheets.
  • Orchestrate due diligence.
  • Coordinate document preparation.
  • Source senior and subordinated debt and equity as requested by client.
  • Close transactions.