Chuck Weikel at MD&M East

Kinsella Groupblog Chuck Weikel at MD&M East

Chuck Weikel at MD&M East

Chuck Weikel attended the MD&M East show in New York City June 13 – 15.  Although it started slow, MD&M East was another well attended show.  As has been typical of UBM Cannon shows (Medtec Europe, MD&M’s), there was a particular emphasis on additive manufacturing / 3D printing.  As a show oriented to component suppliers and med tech contract manufacturers, there was also a natural emphasis on design and product innovation.


Of particular interest was the keynote speaker Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple Computer. In a Q&A format, he gave a very good talk about innovation, engineering and his personal history.  We can understand how he has been an inspiration to a generation of product designers and innovators.  The 500 seat venue was filled to capacity, to the chagrin of some exhibitors who wanted the foot traffic.