Lisa C. Thompson

Advisory Board, Medical Devices

Ms. Thompson is a senior marketing and business professional who draws on her more than 25 years of leadership in the medical devices industry to provide clients with a competitive edge in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. Ms. Thompson has deep experience in a broad range of orthopedic specialty businesses focused on emerging technologies in osteobiologics, bone growth stimulation and orthopediatrics, as well as in treatments and products addressing hand, wrist, upper-extremity, foot, ankle, hip, lower-extremity and spine trauma, deformity correction, and related conditions and injuries.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Thompson has helped lead a number of small-company start-ups and start-up business units within large orthopedic companies, many of which have achieved year-over-year annual sales growth ranging from 15 to 45 percent.

Ms. Thompson has been an independent consultant since 2012 dedicated to helping clients drive new business revenue in key growth sectors of the healthcare marketplace. She served as Global Vice President of Marketing for the Mahwah, New Jersey-based Extremities and Trauma strategic business units (SBUs) of Stryker Orthopedics, Inc. Under her leadership, annual sales for the two units expanded to $420 million.

Ms. Thompson began her tenure at Stryker in 2005, when she was hired to help launch and lead the marketing initiatives for the then-newly created Extremities SBU. Within five years, annual revenues for the SBU grew from $7.2 million to $110 million. During this time, and in conjunction with the Stryker Leadership Academy, Ms. Thompson attended the Harvard Business Leadership Program. Following the completion of the program at Harvard, she was appointed to lead an osteobiologics acquisition team responsible for defining strategies to target and acquire orthobiologic companies for Stryker business expansion. The result of her efforts was the creation of a new division of Stryker Orthopedics, Stryker Orthobiologics, Inc.

Earlier in her career, as General Manager at EBI Medical Systems, LLC (a wholly owned division of Biomet, Inc.) Ms. Thompson was responsible for expanding annual sales for orthobiologics technologies (bone stimulation and hardware) to $325 million, including delivering double-digit, year-over-year growth for 16 years running. As part of her leadership, she and her team worked with EBI departmental leadership across the company to drive innovative research for FDA and CE market label claim expansion, develop aggressive research and development strategies, foster surgeon society strategic partnerships, promote surgeon education and training, and create effective reimbursement alliances.

Ms. Thompson is well versed in research and development (including basic science and clinical), regulatory compliance, operations, and direct-to-consumer, business-to-business, branding, marketing intelligence and sales issues.